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How much does litigation funding cost?

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Am I going to win? How long is it going to take? How much is it going to cost?

These are the questions that clients always ask when they become involved in a dispute. The question of cost is always a difficult one, and many factors come into play that may increase cost and risk.

Litigation funding (sometimes called litigation finance) is one way of controlling cost and risk. Funding can be used in many types of cases, from individual large claims, through to class actions.

However the price of that funding can depend on a number of things including the percentage of damages sought by the funder, the timing of the “win” or settlement, the cost of After the Event Insurance, and the level of legal fees.

Litigation funding calculator

To try and help clients get a better idea of how funding works we have created a simple litigation funding calculator.

To use the calculator type in your expected award or settlement, and then your expected legal fees. You can also change how much you expect to pay for ATE insurance. The calculator will then show you the likely return that you will get depending on the terms you negotiate.

You can find the litigation funding calculator here: You will need register and be logged into this site to access the calculator.

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  1. Hi Adam

    The calculator is a very simple illustration of a litigation funding scenario. The funding arrangement can change with the nature of the claim and funder to funder. As with any kind of financing there are often new and better ways of getting and paying for the financial support. So while the calculator will give an accurate picture of a simple and we think typical funding arrangement, if it does not suit you, you should seek legal advice, or speak to a funder, to see if they can offer other arrangements.

    We are happy to help with that process.


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